Awards and Nominations

2021 David di Donatello Awards: Nominated for Best Visual Effects

2021 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists: Nominated for Silver Ribbon for Best Editing, Best Costume Design and Best New Director

2020 Montréal Festival of New Cinema: Nominated for Temps Ø People’s Choice Award

2020 Pingyao International Film Festival: Nominated for People’s Choice Award Crouching Tigers for Best Film

2020 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival: Nominated for Best Motion Picture

‘The Book Of Vision’ : Venice Review

Venice Critics Week opens with a ’wilfully enigmatic film’ clearly influenced by EP Terrence Malick’s work

Straddling the past and the present, and weaving ideas of physiology, psychology and spiritualism, TheBook Of Vision is a bold and uncompromising feature debut from Italian documentarian Carlo Hintermann. Following the fractured experiences of a young female doctor as her research into 18th century medicine chimes with her own biological challenges, the film is a beautifully shot, if narratively knotty, exploration of our evolving relationship with our bodies and souls.

It is stunning to look at. Cinematographer Jorg Widmer, who also shot Malick’s A Hidden Life, treats each scene as a portrait to be savoured, filling the frame with exquisite detail drawn from Mariano Tufano’s gorgeous costumes and David Crank’s evocative production design.

Review: The Book of Vision

While audiences the world over get their heads around the complex time travels in Tenet [+], there’s an independent Italian-British-Belgian film which has opened International Film Critics’ Week in Venice, and which uses the classic interaction between the past and the present in both a romantic and a supernatural key. The first work of fiction directed by the Italian-Swiss producer and documentary-maker Carlo HintermannThe Book of Vision [+] comes with a prestigious guarantee: Terrence Malick is its executive producer. We don’t know the degree to which the iconic US director contributed to the work, but echoes of his films are felt throughout the entire movie.

The slow flashbacks into a form of nature that is silent but also bursting with symbolic and transcendental signs are reminiscent of Malick’s ancestral and animistic visual style (Hintermann was second unit director on the Italian filmset of Tree of Life). It’s a type of nature which, in this film, envelops and protects the dead, and a backdrop which echoes the vegetal and aquatic performances of Ana Mendieta, and the body art produced by Donna Huanca and her peers. The non-visual digital effects entrusted to LRNZ, the camera movements and the cinematography of Jörg Widmer (who was a cameraman for Wenders, Tarantino, Haneke, Polanski and Bela Tarr) all transform this semi-period drama film into a work that’s highly gratifying both for the eyes and the brain.

Terrence Malick-Produced Costume Drama ‘The Book of Vision’ to Open Venice Critics’ Week (EXCLUSIVE)

Terrence Malick-produced English-language costume drama “The Book of Vision,” directed by Italy’s Carlo Hintermann, will open the Venice Film Festival’s independently-run Critics’ Week section on Sept. 3. (Watch an exclusive clip from the film above.)

Venice, barring complications, is set to be the first major international film event to hold a physical edition after the coronavirus crisis, with dates set for Sept. 2-12.

The high-concept pic — which toplines “Game of Thrones” star Charles Dance, Dutch actress Lotte Verbeek (“Outlander”), and rising Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason (“Borg/McEnroe”) — focuses on the history of the doctor/patient relationship told from the perspective of a female medical student named Eva (Verbeek).

Though it’s highly unlikely that Malick will show up in Venice, Hintermann said he is working on having the film’s cast present on the Lido to launch the hotly anticipated film, which is a three-way co-production between Citrullo and Rai Cinema for Italy, Belgium’s Entre Chien et Loup, and Luminous Arts in the U.K.

The Book of Vision to open the Venice Critics’ Week

The Book of Vision by Carlo S Hintermann (read the news) will officially open the 35th edition of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week, the sidebar section organised by the Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) within the 77th Venice International Film Festival.

The visionary work by Hintermann, his first fiction feature after a few documentaries, features executive production by Terrence Malick, and tells the story of a fascinating journey between past and present, life and death, the deepest sorrow and unconditional love. The film stars an international cast: Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Lotte Verbeek (BlacklistOutlanderBorgia), Sverrir Gudnason (Borg/McEnroe [+]), Isolda Dychauk (BorgiaFaust) and Filippo Nigro (The Goddess of Fortune [+]). The cinematographer is Jörg Widmer, one of the most celebrated in Europe, who has worked with Malick on five films, including his most recent, A Hidden Life [+].

The film is produced by Citrullo International and co-produced by Entre Chien et Loup (Belgium) and Luminous Arts Productions (UK) with RAI Cinema and the support of the Directorate General for Cinema and Trento Province.

‘The Book Of Vision’, Exec Produced By Terrence Malick, To Open Venice Critics’ Week

Carlo Hintermann’s English-language drama The Book Of Vision will open the 2020 edition of Venice Critics’ Week, the independent sidebar of the Italian festival which is pressing on with plans for a physical edition in September.

The film strs Charles Dance, Lotte Verbeek, Sverrir Gudnason, Isolda Dychauk and Filippo Nigro. Terrence Malick served as an executive producer on the project. Director Hintermann was a line producer on the Italian shoot of Malick’s 2011 pic The Tree Of Life.

The Book of Vision to open the 35th Venice Critics’ Week

The Book of Vision, visionary work by Carlo S. Hinterman, produced by Gerardo Panichi, Sébastien Delloye, Robin and Vera Monotti Graziadei and Rai Cinema, with Executive Production by Terrence Malick, will officially open the 35th edition of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week, the sidebar section organized by the Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) within the 77th Venice International Film Festival. 

Produced by Citrullo International and co-produced by Entre Chien et Loup (Belgium) and Luminous Arts Productions (UK) with RAI Cinema and the support of the Directorate General for Cinema and Trento Province, the film tells the story of a fascinating journey between past and present, life and death, the deepest sorrow and unconditional love.

The Book of Vision is interpreted by an international cast: Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Lotte Verbeek (The Black ListOutlanderBorgia), Sverrir Gudnason (Borg McEnroe), Isolda Dychauk (BorgiaFaustTwoGirls) and Filippo Nigro. The cinematographer is Jörg Widmer (A Hidden LifeBuena Vista Social ClubPina), among the most celebrated in Europe.