Luminous Arts Productions’ Robin Monotti Graziadei was associate producer to Citrullo International on Amir Naderi’s latest feature Monte. The film (shot on location in Italy in the mountains of the Alto Adige and Friuli regions) is set in the year 1350 and tells the dramatic story of a man who makes every attempt to bring the sunlight into his village, where his family is barely able to survive because of the prevailing darkness. Monte has been selected out of competition at the 73rd annual Venice International Film Festival where Amir Naderi has received Venice’s Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory To The Filmmaker Award 2016. The Iranian director says his new film Monte, shot in the Italian Alps, is very much about pushing himself to the limit. Many years ago, in a semi-abandoned village at the feet of a mountain, lives Agostino with his wife Nina and the son Giovanni. The mountain stands as a wall against the sun preventing it from reaching their land, now only rocks and scrubland. With an old wheelbarrow, Agostino goes to the market place of the town on the other side of the mountain to sell the few fruits of his crop, but nobody wants to buy his washed out vegetables. After many misadventures, one morning Nina and Giovanni are woken up by a repetitive and incessant sound. It’s Agostino who has climbed the mountain and with a pick tries to pull down the top to let the sun rays light their land.