THE BOOK OF VISION (Feature Film 100′)
Eva, a mysterious doctor, searches for an answer to her urgent dilemma as she unravels Dr. Anmuth’s Book of Vision. Henry gets involved in her life and is forced to confront his own nature, as Eva faces the biggest decision of her life.

Director: Carlo Hintermann
Executive Producer: Terrence Malick
Producers: Citrullo International (ITA) ECL (BEL) Luminous Arts Productions (UK)
Status: In Production

Charles Dance
Lotte Verbeek
Sverrir Gudnason
Isolda Dychauk
Filippo Nigro
Vera Graziadei
Giselda Volodi
Rocco Gotlieb
Justin Korovkin
Marco Quaglia
Douglas Dean
Ollie Rasini